oGaTe provides the following integration features:

  • Identity management

oGaTe integrates with existing third-party Identity Management (IM) infrastructures to perform authentication and authorization of message traffic. For example, integration is provided with LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Oracle Access Manager, Computer Associates SiteMinder, Entrust GetAccess, IBM Tivoli Access Manager, RSA Access Manager, and other IM products. OGaTe also interoperates with leading integration products and platforms (for example, Microsoft .NET, Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, and SAP NetWeaver).

  • Scalability

oGaTe is designed to offer a highly flexible and scalable solution architecture. Administrators can deploy new oGaTe instances as needed, and deploy the same or different policies across a group of oGaTe instances as required. This enables administrators to apply polices at any point in their system. Policy enforcement points can be distributed around the network, anywhere traffic is being passed.

  • Pluggable pipeline

oGaTe internal message-handling pipeline is extensible, enabling extra access control and content-filtering rules to be added with ease. Customers do not have to wait for a full product release before receiving updates of support for emerging standards and for additional adapters.


oGaTe REST support enables you to make enterprise application data and operations available using Web APIs. For example, you can convert a legacy SOAP service, and deploy it as a REST API to be consumed by mobile apps. REST-to-SOAP conversion is easy to achieve using oGaTe. It can expose REST APIs that map to SOAP services, dynamically creating a SOAP request based on the REST API call.