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Apache Ignite is an open-source distributed database (without rolling upgrade), caching and processing platform designed to store and compute on large volumes of data across a cluster of nodes.

Apache Ignite's database utilizes RAM as the default storage and processing tier, thus, belonging to the class of in-memory computing platforms. The disk tier is optional but, once enabled, will hold the full data set whereas the memory tier will cache full or partial data set depending on its capacity.

Regardless of the API used, data in Ignite is stored in the form of key-value pairs. The database component scales horizontally, distributing key-value pairs across the cluster in such a way that every node owns a portion of the overall data set. Data is rebalanced automatically whenever a node is added to or removed from the cluster.

Apache Ignite has been used in the oGaTe and IIX Gateway (Insurance oGaTe).